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About us

Performance Guitars has been making hand built custom guitars and\"\" basses since 1976.

Created by former Fender technical advisor Kunio \”Kenny\” Sugai, our roster of clients have included some of the biggest names in the music industry. Fleet fingered icons such as Frank Zappa, Dweezil Zappa, Warren DeMartini, Steve Vai and Joe Walsh have all come to Performance Guitar to turn their ideas into reality.

The key to the success of Performance Guitar has always been top-notch customer service and hands-on attention to detail. Our guitars are made on site and once an order is taken, construction begins right away. Our rapid turnover rate combined with excellent craftsmanship significantly distinguishes them from other guitar builders. We also perform first-rate amp, effects and guitar repair.

Our custom bodies, necks pickups and electronics are of the highest quality and cater to the guitarist with discerning tastes. Our in-house builders work one–on-one with clients to select the best materials, oversee manufacturing and supervise final production. Building the most vibrant instruments possible with incredible tones and accurate string alignment is what Frank Zappa once called “The Crux of The Biscuit.”

Sugai worked very closely with Frank Zappa for fifteen years right up unitl his death in 1993. During his illness Zappa confided in him. “I am very sick and I need three kinds of doctors; one for my health, the second for my recording studio and the third is you as my guitar doctor.” It was from this relationship that Performance Guitar became very popular among artists such as Warren Cuccurullo, Steve Vai, Warren DeMartini and Joe Walsh.

Master craftsman Sugai’s art is grounded in the exemplary Japanese traditions of a strong work ethic, quality and consistency. Meticulous attention to detail is given to every facet of our product and that’s what creates a lifelong musical instrument. His guitars and basses provide a seamless conduit between the musician and the creation of great music. Many of the most hard to please professional musicians have given us the thumbs up. On stages the world over, our custom guitars and basses play with the perfection that we are known for.

Performance Guitar - Store 003
Performance Guitar - Store 001
Performance Guitar - Corsair Model - Yellow
Performance Guitar - Store 003
Performance Guitar - Store 001
Frank Zappa Strat made by Performance Guitar
Steve Vai Flame Guitar by Performance Guitar

Custom Built Guitars

We are the number one guitar builders in Hollywood for over 40 years! Whatever you want… we will make it happen!

Guitar And Bass Repairs

You might think it can\’t be fixed, but we might think differently. We will make your guitar better than it\’s original condition. Even brand new guitars.

Performance Guitar 40th Anniversary

We have made our custom Performance guitars for many famous people. Why don\’t you be one of them?

Visit Our Shop

We are located on Cahuenga Blvd. Right across from Universal Studios and very close to Hollywood and Studio City. We are right next to the 101 freeway at the Lankershim exit. So why don\’t you stop by?

Performance Guitar Store Front
Performance Guitar - Store 003