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Performance Guitar - Corsair Model - Yellow

Bridge Replacement

Starting from $50.00 ~

Floyd Rose Type $150.00 ~

 If you want a different sound or different play style.

 Bridge replace is of your choice. get a better sustain or bright sound etc…

Performance Guitar - Corsair Model - Yellow

Dress Fret

6 strings guitar and 4 strings bass $60.00 ~ 120.00

7 or more strings guitar and 5 or more strings bass $75.00 ~ 150.00

 If you play your guitar very often, the fret of your guitar must have some damage. If you want better action or smooth bending, we\’ll give you better condition with this job. Also, the fret life will last longer with it.

Performance Guitar - Corsair Model - Yellow

Nut Replacement

Starting from $50.00 ~ (plus material)

 One of the important part for the guitar is nut. Old groove getting too low or when you change the strings gauge needs to make the groove right size. Replacing nut give you the better sound and note.

Performance Guitar - Corsair Model - Yellow

 Pickup Replacement

$50.00 ~ ( per P.U. and sometimes needs extra wiring job )                   

If you want a different sound(something new), P.U. replace is one of your choice. We check the original wiring and make it sounds better. We have a lot of stock in store. You can choice from many brands. Please tell us what kind of sound you want, we will give you some advice for your new sound.

Performance Guitar - Corsair Model - Yellow


Regular 6 strings guitar and 4 strings Bass start from $75.00~                                    

Locking nut type guitar and 5 strings Bass start from $95.00 ~

We will check your guitar condition and make it correct some wrong part. We check the neck angle, alignment, bow or not nut groove Electric check SW, Pots, wiring. Tuning key torque adjust etc… Intonation correct. Lubrication for pots SW bridge saddle nut tuning keys.We recommend you with fret dress. That makes your guitar totally different. We\’ll give you a package deal for you. Please ask us about a deal.

Performance Guitar - Corsair Model - Yellow


Stratocaster type full shielding $120.00 ~

Les Paul type full shielding $100.00 ~

Just a plate starts from $50.00 ~

Electric guitar surrounded by lots of ham noise. Our shielding protects from ham noise. If you have stratocaster, it is noisy with hum. It works good, especially for the single coil P.U. And also If you have Les Paul type guitar We shield inside of the control cavity. your guitar will be more quiet.

Performance Guitar - Corsair Model - Yellow

Tuning Keys Replacement

Starting from $35.00 ~ (Plus Tuning Keys material cost)

Sometimes you will have a tuning problem. One of the reason must be a tuning key. Replace the tuning keys makes you more easy to tune your guitar and steady tuning. We have many kinds of tuning keys in stock.